In this post I'd like to share with you some of the things that I look for when trying to find the footballers of the future
  • Technique
    A player has to have a good first touch, and close control.  He should play with his head up, be able to receive the ball and pass to a team mate straight away. That is natural ability. If he is a young boy he should be able to strike the ball effortlessly.  Players need a few tricks, but how does he use them? Some players want to do too many tricks and they slow the game up, allowing the opposition defences to get back in position.

  • Pace
    All players now need pace. Boys have to be like athletes, have a quick change of pace, a burst of speed to beat a player or change a game.

  • Movement
    Look at what a player does when he hasn't got the ball, does he move into space to get the ball and make runs that give other players options? When he passes the ball, he should move quickly to get it back.  He needs to work hard on and off the ball?

  • Awareness
    The player who can play the first-time pass without always taking a touch - that's awareness.  A player who in front of goal, doesn"t have to look up to find out were the Goalkeeper is, because his instincts tell him whether to chip or place it.

  • Temperament/Attitude
    Has he got a will to win? Does he listen other players and the coach?  How does he react to decisions given by the referee, poor play from his teamates and by himself.
I hope you enjoyed my post.  Let me know what you think, or leave any questions in the comments.

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